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Ideal Image creates environments that build brand power through color, texture, size and shape. As a manufacturer of custom architectural and institutional furniture, interactive and static kiosks, point of purchase displays, graphics and fixtures, Ideal Image has the experience and diversities that result in savings for you.

Ideal Image has assembled an employee base of tenured sales representatives, project managers, engineers, journeymen finish carpenters, warehouse staff as well as professional delivery and set-up crews. Ideal Image utilizes the most current and efficient management and manufacturing processes. Our manufacturing facility is state of the art and is equipped with the most current CNC routing, cutting and boring machinery. Our clean, climate controlled warehouses have the ability to store your finished goods. This allows for on-time deliveries and the flexibility that successful rollout programs require.

Ideal Image practices and endorses sustainable ecology-oriented products through the implementation of certification management systems that will provide a credible guarantee to our customers. Ideal Image is a member of USGBC (United States Green Building Council) and has adopted FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) initiatives for high-performance energy efficient wood products.

Ideal Image designs, fabricates and implements with communication and attention to detail that results in successful relationships with our clients.


Transportation & Setup



Ideal Image operates its own transportation company which primarily utilizes a padded carrier process similar to a residential mover. Prior to loading the product, the warehouse supervisor and his crew administer a thorough cleaning and complete a final load inspection. This method allows us to make any final adjustments to the order or address any shortages with the order. Utilizing a padded carrier limits the possibility of shipping damage and any inconvenience to the dealer in terms of delivery and unloading.

Equally important is the professionalism of the set-up teams we have created. Ideal Image set-up teams consist primarily of our employees. Generally, set-up teams are 1-4 technicians, with each project always having at least one individual with a site supervisory level of expertise.

Much goes into the training of an on-site project manager, also known as a site supervisor. A large portion of the training centers on the ability to achieve a competent status in millwork fabrication.

Ideal Image on-site supervisors must have a minimum of 5 years of millwork fabrication experience. The individual must understand the construction of a cabinet or display in order to insure proper set-up of the display. The supervisor must also have the knowledge and training for managing others. Ideal Image on-site supervisors work closely with set-up technicians to insure quality workmanship which leads to satisfied clients.

Our site supervisors remain in constant contact with project management at the home office near Dayton, Ohio to keep them informed of project progress or any potential issues. Ideal Image site supervision is responsible for administering the project walk-through at set-up completion. The supervisor will complete the final walk-through with the retailer or their designated party to insure complete satisfaction. Ideal Image provides a line item check list for this walk-through. Each item is carefully reviewed. Any repairs/adjustments derived from the walk-through will be addressed prior to the Ideal Image team departing the job site to insure final completion. These important services provide the white glove treatment you expect, and deserve.


Cleaning & Maintenance

Proper maintenance using the correct care products is necessary to ensure the durability of furniture elements. The materials have different cleaning and maintenance requirements. See below for important information and instructions.

Glass and Painted Surfaces
• Clean with a lukewarm water solution (i. e. water with rinsing agent).
• Do not soak.
• Clean using soft, damp cloth and rub dry.
• Pre-clean stubborn dirt with Dirtex.

Veneer, Laminate and Work Surfaces
• To avoid streaks: re-clean with water solution.
• Do not soak.
• Clean using soft, damp cloth and rub dry.
• Stubborn dirt can be removed using Dirtex.



Prior to set-up team departure, a sign off sheet will be executed onsite to identify any area of client concern. The date of the sign off will
determine the beginning date of the Warranty Period.

Ideal Image guarantees its products to be of good quality and free of manufacturers defects. The Warranty Period begins on the date
of set-up by Ideal Image personnel. See Product Warranty Period terms below. During the Warranty Period, Ideal Image will, at its own discretion, repair or replace any product or part deemed to be defective. This warranty covers issues due to normal use. It does not cover any defect resulting from misuse, abuse, damage by others, water damage or other environmental conditions other than for the intended design. See care instructions above which are compatible with the variety of materials used. Ideal Image personnel may re-visit completed projects at appropriate time intervals for follow-up quality inspections.

Product Warranty Period

  • Metal and wood structures – 5 years
  • Graphics – Scion – 2 years
  • Computer lighting system – Scion – 1 year
  • Other Electronics – subject to specific manufacturers warranty statement.
  • Seating – subject to specific manufacturers warranty statement.

To enact a warranty claim, the dealer should contact Ideal Image with the concern. At that time, the dealer may be asked to provide
additional information to allow the Ideal Image team to evaluate the cause and to prepare the appropriate action to be taken. If the
determination results in a needed warranty repair or replacement, said action will be performed by Ideal Image within 30 days.
Warranty work is available after full payment for the original agreement has been received by Ideal Image.


Customer Service

In the event that warranty or service concern develops with our products, please contact Ideal Image Customer Service Monday-Friday,
between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM Eastern Standard Time via 1-800-774-7617 extension # 1124. If your call is beyond our normal working hours, please leave a voice message with the project name, your full name, phone number and a brief explanation of the nature of your call.
A customer service representative will return your call the next business day. The customer service representative will facilitate this process between you and project management. Resolution of your concerns will be addressed and/or completed within 30 days of the initial contact.
For your convenience, you can also contact us via email: customerservice@idealimageinc.com


Ideal Image understands the need for automotive retailers to have flexible options available to them when funding a facility project.
Ideal Image offers leasing for our products with various terms. Please contact us for more information.

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Ideal Image, Inc.
115 Haas Drive
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